Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art


Russia's largest private museum of contemporary art

Erarta is Russia's largest private museum of contemporary art with over 2300 works by more than 270 artists from all regions of Russia in its collection displayed over 10,000 sqm. Unique multimedia projects and interactive installations make it a must-see for gaining insight into modern Russia.

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06 November 2019 — 27 January 2020

Boris Smotrov. Pathway to Avant-Garde

Erarta Museum presents an exhibition by Boris Smotrov, an artist in constant search for a certain visual code of Russianness telling the viewer a tale of the Golden Age.

06 November 2019 — 27 January 2020

Lyusya Voronova. Garden of Paradise

An exhibition of works by the Moscow-based artist Lyusya Voronova revisits the aesthetics of naïve art and invites the viewer into the huge world of a little person living in a wondrous paradise-like garden.

19 December 2019 — 23 March 2020

Sergey Ryazanskiy. Planet Earth Is Blue

Erarta Museum presents an exhibition of photographs by cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy offering a glimpse of our planet through a spacecraft observation window.

16 January 2020 — 09 February 2020

Valeriy Lukka. Mixed Media

Erarta Museum presents the exhibition by Valeriy Lukka, one of the most prominent figures in the St. Petersburg art scene over the past four decades.

10 July 2020 — 08 November 2020

Erik Johansson. Land of Illusion

Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art presents the 'realistic photosurrealism' by Swedish artist Erik Johansson:
– Dreamlike images composed of hundreds of original photographs;
– Pictures telling amazing stories;
– An artist collaborating with Volvo, Google, Adobe, Microsoft and National Geographic;

07 August 2020 — 06 December 2020

The Bounty Killart: Sculptures from the Lost Temple of Lucca circa 2020s

An exceptional archaeological discovery in autumn 3115 near an abandoned site in the southern part of the European continent led our contemporary experts into the world as it was in the 2020s.

04 September 2020 — 10 January 2021

Philip Treacy

Philip Treacy is back! The large-scale show by the world’s greatest milliner is the gift to St. Petersburg that Erarta Museum has in store for its own 10th anniversary.

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