Building the Pink Pavilion relates to 1807-1812 years, the author of the project was the architect Voronihin. As conceived by the Empress Maria Feodorovna this park pavilion was to be a kingdom of her favorite flowers - roses. Inscribed in French on the front «PAYILLON DES ROSES» full accord and character building and its surroundings: the main decoration of the site were the flowers, like the pavilion was in the midst of fragrant spotted sea, and hundreds of luxurious roses gave a special charm to this corner of the park. The pavilion itself is clear and simple artistic decision. All four of the facade of the building in terms of square surmounted by a low dome, were punctuated columned porticoes. By July 27, 1814, when the Pavlovsk solemnly met Alexander I and the Russian Guard troops returning from Paris with the victory over Napoleon in the Pink Pavilion hastily parked ballroom. Directs the work of the architect Carlo Rossi and decorator P. Gonzaga. Reconstructed Pink Pavilion today serves as an excellent concert hall. Since 2002, its walls held an annual festival "The Great Waltz in Pavlovsk", dedicated to the memory of the composer Johann Strauss.

Source: http://cityguidespb.ru/muzei/pavlovsk_museum/388-rozovyy-pavilon.html

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