Scale models of Russia's most famous places – with the change of day and night and moving models of trains and cars

Grand Maket Russia is a scale model (1:87) of Russia covering the country on 800 square meters of permanent interactive  exhibition in Saint Petersburg. This is a perfect place for kids and parents to spend a day discovering hidden and unusual parts of Russia scaled down and gently spiced with a humor in details.

Special attention should be paid to moving objects: numerous trains, cars and buses move and stop according to the traffic lights. Special buttons make additional parts move enlivening various life episodes. The most dramatic effect is a changing of a day/night cycle, each 10-15 minutes. When the night comes, city lights switch on; when the “sun” rises, the lights fade slowly. All these operations make impressions from the visit  to the miniature museum so bright.

For the sake of convenience the exposition is divided into zones by geography. Each area has its specific nature (from plains and rivers to forests and mountains, from lavender fields to snowbanks) and infrastructure.

Grand Maket Russia is one of the largest examples of moving miniatures and action figures in the world. Number of exhibits and areas is growing fast and visitors can look at the process of manufacturing and construction of the new places and scenes.

In the museum you could see Russia in miniature: there is a huge amount of models of interesting and famous places. Now the scale map of Grand Maket Russia represents parts of St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad region, the North-West region, Moscow and the Moscow region, the Central region,  Sochi. You can see Urals, Siberia, the Northern region and  Far East of Russia.

The information on audio guide is available on Russian, English and German languages.

Ticket cost:

Weekdays: Adults 400 roubles

                      Children – 200 roubles

Weekends: Adults – 450 roubles

                     Children – 250 roubles


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  • Address: St. Petersburg, Tzvetochnaya ul.,16
  • Phone Number: +7 (812) 495-54-65
  • Site: grandmaket.ru
  • Email: info@grandmaket.ru
  • Working time:
    Monday - Sunday: 10:00 - 20:00
    Ticket office closes at 19:15
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