"Russian Levsha" - museum of microminiature art


Legendary museum of microminiatures: here you can see a caravan of camels inside a needle-eye, an inscription on the cut of a rice seed and a human hair

In 2006 the first museum of microminiature art in Russia "Russian Levsha" was founded by the International Craft Guild of Masters in Saint-Petersburg. Levsha is a hero of a Russian folktale. The story about a peasant named Levsha who was able to shoe a dancing flea nowdays is the part of russian culture and gifted artisans proudly call themselves "Levsha's".

Museum of the Guild in Saint - Petersburg shows the finest examples of modern miniature craftsmanship. All exhibits of the unique collection are smaller than 1 mm. Microminiature is a rare and fascinating art. It's hardly possible to number more than ten artists who have devoted themselves to this captivating work that requires genuine skill, accuracy and great patience.The author Vladimir Aniskin (Novosibirsk) uses different trades of art and craft, such as blacksmithing, foundry, manufacturing glass, handling birch bark, jeweler's art. It is possible to see the classic of microminiature: the shoed flea, the camels in an eye of a needle, the text of 2 typing pages on a poppy seed, the rose, painted  on a cut of horsehair etc.

Visitors can look at the details of the exhibits through the glass of magnifier or microscope. 

Today the exposition of miniatures is supplemented by new amazing works of modern "Levsha's" – Russian smiths. "Russian Levsha" – is the museum that shows the roots of Russian art and tells a story about  artisans, capable to amaze the world.


 Adults - 200 rub.

Children - 120 rub.

Seniors - 120 руб.

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