The Brothers Karamazov was written here

The Literary-Memorial Museum of F.M.Dostoevsky was opened in 1971, for the 150-year anniversary since the birth of the author. His last apartment was in this house. The apartment of Dostoevsky was restored according to the archive plans, the memoirs of his wife Anna and his contemporaries’ reminiscences. The Brothers Karamazov was written here. The Dostoevsky Museum contains a theater for viewing performances and movies based on Dostoevsky's works, and for literary gatherings. Every year in November, when the writer's birthday is observed, the museum hosts an international scholarly conference "Dostoevsky and World Culture". Exhibits by modern artists are always on display in the exhibition rooms.

Every year the Dostoevsky Day takes place in St. Petersburg featuring participation in processions and perfomances, free tours dedicated to Dostoevsky, movie screenings, exhibitions, lectures and meet-the-artist events.

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