Tsarskoye Selo State Museum-Preserve


A superb monument of world-ranking architecture and garden-and-park design

Tsarskoye Selo State Museum-Preserve is a monument of world architecture and park and garden art of XVIII - early ХХ century. A whole range of reigns starting  from Catherine I and lasting till Nicolas II left its own influence and traces in Tsarskoye Selo. The compositionl centre of the monument is the Catherine Palace - a magnificent construction in Russian Baroque style: Bolshoy Hall of the Palace and Golden Enfilade of great halls, among which there is a world-famous revived Amber Room enrapture by the luxury of decor. Alexandrovsky Palace, where one can learn about everyday life of the last Romanovs Nicholas II and Alexandra Fyodorovna, is one of the best models of world classisism architecture. More than 100 architectural constructions on the area of over 300 ha are situated on the territory of Ekaterininsky and Alexandrovsky parks.

The Amber Room of the Catherine Palace is called the Eighth World Wonder. In 1716 Friedrich Wilchelm I presented an Amber Room I as a diplomatical gift to Peter I. The Amber Room got its final image only by 1770, when upon Екатерины II's will some changes were introduced into the room's design. Authentic Room was exported to Koenigsberg during World War II times and disappeared without a trace in 1944. The modern Amber Room is a result of reconstruction works, which lasted from 1981 to 1997. 

Tsarskoye Selo is also home to one of the finest creations of Classicism in architecture – the Alexander Palace. Passing through the rooms of the living apartments you can get an idea of the aesthetic preferences of the last members of the Romanov dynasty and view the Emperor’s State Study that was decorated in the Moderne style.

More than a hundred historical monuments are scattered across the Catherine and Alexander Parks that have a joint area of 300 hectares: there are grand palaces and intimate pavilions, bridges and marble monuments, and also exotic structures imitating Gothic, Turkish and Chinese architecture.

The World War I Museum  “Russia in the Great War” is open  in  The Martial Chamber from August 2014.

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Wheelchair access
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