State Museum Complex "Peterhof"


Russian tsars' summer residence of 18th-19th centuries

Peterhof founded in the very beginning of the XVIII century by the emperor Peter I near the new capital - St. Petersburg, became one of the most magnificent summer imperial residences and a peculiar triumphal monument of a successful conclusion of fight of Russia for an exit to the Baltic Sea. Regular Upper garden and Lower park were laid out, the Grand palace and some "small" palaces and pavilions were built, the world's largest system of fountains and water cascades was created, the most part of sculptural furniture was created to the middle of the 20th years of the XVIII century.

Visit the only museum in Russia, devoted to history of playing cards in Peterhof. It is located in the building of the former Palace board constructed in the end of the XVIII century. More than 8 thousand exhibits are presented in six halls of the museum. There are items of visual art and of arts and crafts representing the game and its attributes or related to it directly, and also unique in its content library except playing cards. 

  • Wheelchair access
Wheelchair access
  • Address: St. Petersburg, Peterhof, Razvodnaya street, 2
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