'Karambol' Musical theater


Musical theater for children and adults

The "Karambol" theater was created at the cusp of 1989-90th. In 1996 it received the status of "Public culture institution ". There are actor's troupe, regular orchestra, corps-de-ballet and children's studio in the creative staff of the theater. Association of professional actors and pupils of studio, "live music" characterize activity of the "Karambol" theater. "Karambol"is a family theater. Performances are intended for children from 3 to 15 years and for adults.

From the date of foundation the  theater is conducted by musicologist and the composer Irina Brondz – the art director and head of the theater, honored worker of arts of Russia, winner of the National musical award.

Now "Karambol" theater, having expanded repertoire range, became musical theater for children and adults. The theater actively develops, constantly surprising the audience with new ideas and exclusive premiers. It has become an integral part of cultural life of the northern capital.

At the cusp of 2014-2015 the "Karambol" theater will celebrate its 25-year anniversary.

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