Jewelry exhibition "The treasures of St. Petersburg"

21 July, Sunday

Jewellery exhibition and sale “Treasures of St. Petersburg” is a unique format for our country. In the luxurious ceremonial halls of the mansion with a rich history, modern jewellery is exhibited for just a few days.

From July 18 to July 21, 2019, the Treasure of St. Petersburg jewellery exhibition and sale will take place in the Trubetskoy-Naryshkin mansion, where you can not only purchase exquisite jewellery or stylish jewellery but also learn many new and interesting things.

Only four days from 11:00 to 20:00 in the renovated interiors of the mansion more than 150 participants will be waiting for buyers. New autumn-winter collections will be presented by leading companies and artists-jewellers of Russia: Yakut producers of diamond and national jewellery, stone masters from western Siberia and the Urals, jewellers from Moscow and the Moscow region, Kostroma region, and South of Russia. Jewellery from famous European brands, authentic ethnic products from Armenia, India and Georgia, silverware, business souvenirs and refined furnishings - the main thing is not to get lost while shopping.

“The Treasures of St. Petersburg” will demonstrate the potential of national contemporary jewellery brands, present rare and exclusive works, and also provide an opportunity for a personal acquaintance with jewellery authors, craftsmen and directors of large factories.

The Trubetskoy-Naryshkin Mansion, where the exhibition will take place, has magnificent interiors and rich history: the first known owner of the mansion was AS great-grandfather. Pushkin, and in 2012, a treasure of 200 million rubles was found.

Free excursions with a story about the history of the Trubetskoy-Naryshkin mansion, which is usually closed to free visits, is another opportunity not to be missed. A professional guide tells the story of the mansion and its owners all days of the exhibition at 12:00, 15:00 and 17:00.

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