Exhibition "Ruth Baumgarte"

22 October, Monday

The exhibition of Ruth Baumgarten in the Marble Palace represents the African cycle of the German artist. The exhibition is dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the artist

The exhibition of works by renowned German artist Ruth Baumgarte (1923–2013) marking the 95th anniversary of the artist’s birth presents Baumgarte’s African series created over many decades of her travels across the continent.

Ruth Baumgarte grew up in a theatrical family with a long history; she received professional art education and, in her early years, used to work primarily as an illustrator. In the 1950s, she first visited Africa and began to explore the continent. At that time, Africa was a terra incognita, an exotic land for a European person. From the early 1980s on, Baumgarte began to come to Africa on a regular basis, staying in rural South Eastern areas for several months at a time.

Her trips gave her an opportunity to learn how people lived on the continent and to see how Africa changed. Baumgarte’s works are not a mere admiration of beautiful landscapes, but a glimpse into the emotional life of local people,  their relationships and everyday life in a situation of constant social and political turmoil.

5 сентября — 22 октября 2018
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