Artists of the "Russian Sculptors' Society"

18 November, Saturday
10 August - 20 November 2017
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The exhibition will open a fascinating picture of master's creative search, many among them studied in the 1900-10th years in Paris at Auguste Rodin and Antoine Bourdelle

The "Russian Sculptor's Society" (RSS) is the art association which has arisen on a crest of revolutionary events and new culture construction. The main objective of this society created in 1925 consisted in association of all Russian sculptural forces in search of new plastic expressiveness and maintaining precious traditions of the Russian and European culture in the art connected with spatial perception, with art of squares.

Practically all famous Russian sculptors of the first half of the XX century have entered RSS: Anna Golubkina, Serguey Konenkov, Vera Mukhina, Natan Altman, Stepan Erzya and many others. The exhibition will open a large-scale and fascinating picture  of masters’ creative search. A lot of sculptors studied in the 1900-10th years in Paris at Auguste Rodin and Antoine Bourdelle.

At the exhibition about 60 works zill be displayed. They will show bright and various picture of life of the Soviet Russia reflected in a creativ mirror of the leading art associations of the 1920.

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