Brighter days are coming: season 2017 in the Street Art Museum

30 September, Saturday

The international project of the Street Art Museum to the 100th anniversary of the Revolution

May 13, 2017 the Street Art Museum opens its 4th season jointly with the Goethe-Institut Saint Petersburg. By tradition, the whole territory of the Museum's open-air site will emerge revamped: murals created in last year's exhibition will be sunk in the layers of history – the walls will be painted over to give place to new works, and the installations in the gallery and the boiler-house will utterly transform the space.

A tandem of Russian and German curators is working on the “Brighter Days Are Coming” exhibition: Andrey Zaitsev is the director of Street Art Museum and Yasha Young is the director of the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art Berlin. Under their patronage, 50 artists from 12 countries will present their artist manifesto about revolution.

Moreover, within the framework of exhibition at Street Art Museum, two more projects are arranged: Nikolay Super will present his Generations graffiti wall showing how graffiti subculture has been developing from the USSR to present-day Russia, and Maksim Svitshyov will supervise his media- art and sound-art project in the upper floors of the Boiler-house space.

Ticket cost — 350 rubles


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