Festival “Lenin Was Here”

14 May, Sunday

The festival "Lenin Was Here" combines in one route all the house-museums in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region where the founder of the world's first socialist state visited or lived


The festival is aimed to promote and provide acquaintance with the small museums, the history of the city, and the personality of Lenin to mass audience. Each of ten participating museums will demonstrate a unique item associated with the Lenin's presence specially for the festival. The visitors will be able to trace the route of Vladimir Lenin from one safe house to another, to find out how families lived in the beginning of the 20th century, to visit both rural homes and mansions, to get acquainted with authentic memorial items.

The audience will be witnessing the interaction between the museum space and objects of modern art. The artists will offer their interpretation of the atmosphere in the house-museum and the image of the revolution leader. The festival will participate: A. Lublinsky, D. Fedin, A. Belova, N. Skobeyeva, F. Alekseyev, V. Kozin, etc.

For the first time the State Historical Preserve "Gorki Leninskiye" participates in the festival.


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