Exhibition “Art to the Masses! On the history of the Decorative Art Institute”

01 November, Wednesday

Exhibition of objects associated with the Petrograd Decorative  Art institution in which were born a new aesthetics of Soviet life

In a post-revolutionary decade a great attention was paid to the changing of life aesthetics. Artists had to offer new design ideas for vessels, clothes and furniture. For this purpose the Decorative Art Institute was created, which participated many well-known painters, sculptors and graphic artists.

The exhibition will show around 100 works of artists that worked in the Decorative Art Institute in 1918-1926 years: 26 works of applied art that were presented at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Artsand, about 70 pieces of pictural and graphic art.

Works of K. Malevich, N. Suetin, I. Chashnik, R. Franz, I. Shkolnik, B. Ender and many other artists will acquaint viewers with the unique objects that reveal the unknown pages of Russian avant-garde and the transformation of its principles in the Soviet era.

For more information about the dates of the exhibition, please visit museum’s website.

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