The Image of the Russian Country Estate in Photography

24 January, Sunday

The exhibition represents the photographs of the Russian country estates taken between 1960s and 1920s. 

he State Russian Museum and Exhibition Centre ROSPHOTO in collaboration with the State Historical Museum announces an exhibition The Image of the Russian Country Estate in Photography.

The project is based on a collection of works from the State Historical Museum and seeks to track the changes in the approach to depicting country estates in photographic art and to explore the main subjects of such photographs.

The life of the Russian nobility largely revolved around their country estates. Country estate life contributed significantly to the Russian economy and culture. The traditions of the common folk and the nobility intertwined here thus expressing the national spirit. The exhibited photographs are of equal historical value though they differ in terms of artistic merits. Taken altogether, these images constitute a complex picture of the country estate’s cultural heritage, the artistic environment and the private lives of the aristocratic and merchant families. The displayed photos demonstrate the country estate from different perspectives, starting with the grand views of large manorial estates and amateur photographs from family albums to the artistic interpretations of old parks and abandoned estates.

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