May 9 2017 is the Victory Day, the 72nd anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945


On May 9, 1945 ended the most bloody, terrible and painfully close - the Great Patriotic War.

Each country has an event that unites the nation with consent and pride for the brave deeds of ancestors and the opportunity to live. These moments remain in memory forever. This holiday is Victory Day. In the post-Soviet space, it is celebrated for the 72 years.

This day became a holiday after the decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Exactly at 6 am on May 9, 1945 the soviet people found out about it on the radio. In the afternoon, the "Li-2" airplane delivered a surrender act of Germany. In the evening a large-scale Victory Salute was thundering.

May 9 is a special sacred and most revered date for a Russian person.Then, 77 years ago, all the people stood up for the defense of the Motherland and managed to uphold the right to peace at the cost of life. offers a compilation of celebratory events in Saint Petersburg dedicated to the Victory Day on 9 May.

City events dedicated to the Victory Day
Saint Petersburg, Vasilievsky Ostrov, Birzhevaya Ploschad
St. Petersburg, nab. Leitenanta Smidta
St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect
Other celebratory events, dedicated to the Victory Day
Saint Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 25
Saint Petersburg, ul. Sadovaya
Saint Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 25
Museums that you can visit on holidays
Saint Peterburg, Lazaretny pereulok, 2
St. Petersburg, Leitenanta Shmidta embankment, 23 line V.O.
St. Petersburg, Bolshoy Sampsonievskiy pr., 24